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About Me
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The Land of Stick is an amazing place where stick people have lived for many centuries. Or friends go on wild adventures through the lands and learn some valuable lessons along the way. Our first book takes our main characters on a journey to find the Wishing Tree. They want to be like everyone else. They learn that "it's cool to be just who you are." 

Meet our friends

Our five main characters all have unique qualities that set them apart from the rest. Twiggles is super smart, Stretch can stretch his arms and legs really far, Big feet has big feet, Wags' face changes colors all the time, and Stick has a yellow face.

big feet_edited.jpg

The Journey

One day our friends go on a journey to find The Wishing Tree. You see, they want to be like everyone else in The Land of Stick. They encounter lots of kind people in their adventures. At the same time, they have some great challenges ahead of them!


Very few have attempted to find The Wishing Tree, because there have been warnings of wild Forest Dogs, mean monsters, and snapping Gator Snakes. And they all LOVE to eat stick people!!!


It's Cool to
be you

Our friends learn some valuable lessons along the way, and ultimately, the Wishing Tree helps them to realize they're happy to be just who they are. Which is an important message for all of us. Enjoy our book which will take you on the entire adventure!

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