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Hello there. My name is Tom Drews. The short story is when I was younger I worked with at-risk kids for a good stretch of time. I learned a lot from them. We're all on the same page. We did art therapy often and I drew stick people because that's all I could draw. Then the kids started drawing stick people. They were the inspiration! 

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We started wtih a greeting card line called Stick People Greetings. Then we thought, let's put the stick people on clothing. That would be cool. At some point in time you could find the stick people in Macy's, Footlocker, Kids R us, etc. Now we have a book!

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During the past several years, we've delivered readings and programs for groups of kids in schools. We ask, how do you feel you're different? The hands go up in the air. Hey, I have big ears? Well, I bet it cushions your head when you fall down. So kind.

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